Two Russian officers wounded near Aleppo’s Castello road

Two Russian officers wounded near Aleppo's Castello road

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday that two Russian officers working for the center for Syrian reconciliation were injured in a militants’ attack near the Castello Road in Aleppo.

“The humanitarian corridor that is open for the exit of armed militants from Aleppo and located in the western part of Aleppo’s Castello Road was shelled by militants from the east of the city on Friday,” the ministry said.

The lives of the Russian officers are not under threat as they were lightly injured and evacuated to a safe area in Aleppo.

“The wounded soldiers were immediately evacuated to a safe area of the city, where they were provided with necessary medical assistance. There lives are not under threat.” Some 50 Russian, Western, Arab journalists have been evacuated from the humanitarian corridor near the Castello Road after the militants’ shelling, the ministry said.

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