Turkey ‘concerned’ about U.S. bill against sponsors of terrorism

Turkey 'concerned' about U.S. bill against sponsors of terrorism

Turkey has expressed its concern regarding the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act” through its Foreign Ministry. The act will give families of terror victims a chance to sue countries that they believe supports terrorism.

“Turkey believes this bill contradicts the international law and principles of the UN Charter, in particular with regards to the sovereignty and equality of the States. This bill is not only incompliant with the law but also the product of a distorted approach that could hamper international cooperation against terrorism.Turkey continues to stand with the victims of terrorism and firmly defends that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations should be countered without double standards and discrimination,” said a statement released by the ministry on Friday.

“Turkey calls upon the President of the United States to prevent the bill from becoming law and invites all its allies and partners to take insightful and useful steps with a view to enhancing international cooperation and solidarity,” added the statement.

Under the current U.S. law, victims are able to sue countries designated as “state sponsors of terrorism”. Currently, Iran, Sudan, and Syria are listed as “state sponsors of terrorism”.

The act at stake though would allow victims and their families to sue countries, like Saudi Arabia, that do not have that designation.


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