Syria truce ‘will not hold out’, senior rebel source

Syria truce 'will not hold out', senior rebel source

Syria’s ceasefire “will not hold out”, a senior rebel official in Aleppo warned on Saturday, as air strikes and shelling continued in some places and promised aid deliveries failed to be delivered.

The ceasefire, that was agreed between Russia and the U.S., has cooled down fighting since coming into effect last Monday.

Rebel sources said they accepted the deal, because it could relieve the dire humanitarian situation in besieged areas they control such as eastern Aleppo.

“The truce, as we have warned, and we told the (U.S.) State Department – will not hold out,” the rebel official said, pointing to the continued presence of a U.N. aid convoy at the Turkish border awaiting permission to travel to Aleppo.

“It is not possible for the party (Russia) that wages war against a people to strive to achieve a truce, as it is also not possible for it to be a sponsor of this agreement while it bombs night and day, while on the other side, the other party – America – has the role of spectator,” he said.

On Friday, Washington and Moscow agreed to extend the ceasefire after relative success.



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