Former NATO chief: west ready to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons if situation does not stabilize

In an interview with the Ukrainian media, ex-NATO chief and current advisor to the Ukrainian President, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said that NATO can provide Ukraine with ‘lethal defensive weapons’ if Russia did not respect its commitment in fulfilling the Minsk agreement and continues to destabilize the situation in the country’s east.

Fogh Rasmussen added that currently, the “large-scale Russian offensive” in eastern Ukraine runs contrary to Kremlin’s interests, because it can spark hybrid war.

“Putin’s task is to make Ukraine weak and dependent on the Kremlin, through maintaining a frozen conflict in Donbass,” said the ex-NATO chief.

Ukraine has mainly received non-lethal Western equipment in the past, most distinctively US-made Humvees.

Two Ukranian servicemen were announced dead last week, as fighting escalated in Donbass.

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